China offshore wind development present situation and the quality risk

China's offshore wind resources more abundant. Learned, 5-25 meters water depth, 50 meters height offshore wind development potential of about 200 million kilowatts, 5 to 50 meters water depth, height of 70 meters offshore wind development potential of about 500 million kilowatts, intertidal zone and subtidal zone tideland resources, deep sea wind energy resources are more abundant. Although rich resources, offshore wind power construction overall progress is relatively slow. , according to data on the offshore wind power development plan (2014 ~ 2016) of 44 project, only two have been completed and put into operation, the rest of the projects were approved under construction, to build or to carry out the preparation stage. The construction progress has been slow and China's existing huge offshore wind project risk has important relation.


At present, the risk of offshore wind power are mainly concentrated in several aspects:

1. The tidal flats wind field - at high tide, low tide beach

Most of the domestic offshore wind farm is located in medium depth, shallow beach area, even it has a problem, problem is shallow water wave, broken waves, tidal current velocity. In addition, the northern region winter ice load problems. Tidal flats wind field is high tide, low tide beach.


2. Incomplete laws and regulations and standard system

The lack of standard file for according to the characteristics of the China offshore wind system, international standard system mainly refer to the European wind conditions, and there was some difference of China: the seabed conditions, many domestic for soft soil foundation; Small wind farm area, fan configuration, wake effect; Affecting the problem such as fatigue, vibration unit; The design life of 20 years, the domestic cost into consideration, will need to set the life as 25 years. On the other hand, China is now in offshore wind and no special laws and regulations and rules of the existing Marine engineering major or on offshore oil and gas development. Offshore wind power is not fully comply with the laws and regulations of the oil and gas. The lack of a sound, a dedicated, explicit laws and regulations is another big risk of offshore wind.


3. Industrial chain supporting imperfect

Domestic equipment suppliers lack of understanding of Marine project, concrete embodiment in the industrial chain of form a complete set is imperfect, the lack of construction experience and special tools, ocean engineering safety and quality management lack of experience and so on.


4. The problem of resistance to the typhoon

The strength of the wind turbines and foundation is more demanding, more complex operation strategy.


In addition to the above, the risk of electricity price issue also slow down the speed of China's offshore wind power development. At present, there is a temporary electricity price, which is difficult to obtain reasonable benefit for enterprise project. Offshore wind to 2016 before the end of a temporary tariff, offshore project is 0.85 yuan/KWH, intertidal zone project is 0.75 yuan/KWH.


Although a lot of risk, compared to the offshore wind onshore wind has unique advantages: one is offshore wind wind resources more abundant; Second, the offshore wind can also reduce power transportation costs. Due to offshore wind power resource of the most abundant, the southeast coastal areas adjacent to demand greater economic developed area, can realize nearby digestion, reduce transportation costs.

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