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BLDC Motor for General Industry-EIFPMG

BLDC Motor & Driver for General Industry Use

BLDC driving system is composed of brushless motor and its driver. Brushless motor is a motor
without electric brush and commutator (or collector), so called No-Commutator Motor. BLDC
Motor Driver adopts most advanced motor controlling technology, with full functions to be
reliable and operation-steadily. The system has been improved at efficiency, false indication, and safety
performance.It is widely used in general industries, for various pump, fans, and machines.


Technical Specification


***Rated Speed and Rated Voltage at different Rated Power can be customized. ***






We have developed many strategic partners in the past years, who can provide full technical support and service in common projects together with us in order to be close to end use of our products. We organize the team, even together with end users to take part in the actual test & practice and act as end users by ourselves! We are thinking as we are end users! We are doing as we are end users! We are getting more and more feedback from field test to improve our products as customized to be the right solution for applications. If you have any feedback, feel free to talk by email, comment at facebook, twitter, youtube, blogspot and face to face. Also welcome to talk to our engineers about your idea, you plan! 


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