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Brushless DC Motor Drive

EIFBLD series BLDC Motor Driver adopts most advanced motor controlling technology, with full functions to be realiable and operation-steadily. The system has been improved at efficiency and make realize re-brake, skid backward proof, false indication, thus improving range of one charge and safety performance. It is widely used in EVs driving system solution.


Core Control Chip uses high speed microprocessor professional for motors and reliable big power MOSFET is built into power circuit. Controller performes full sealed and big current structure for big power output.

Brushless DC Motor Drive packed in box

Main Feature & Multi Function:

* High performance micro processor. precise speed and torque output,high efficient, smooth and low noise level.

* electric commutation: high frequency PWM chopper modulation mode and continous stepless speed regulation.

* Programmable control function. User can modify paramters by hand-programmer. Flexible parameters setting can be customised for kinds of requirements.

* Fault diagnosis and multicolors LED indication lights to show operation situation and faults types clear at a glance, convenient after-sales engineers call to solve fault, reduce the cost of after-sales service.

* Adopted synchronous freewheeling technology to make higher efficiency.

* Multi power-recycle start modes. Such as start at brake signal, commutation

* RS-232 communication. Can be connected with external display terminal.

* Temperature protection. At controller overheating current drops linearly,not suddenly shut off, to effectively guarantee driving safety.

* Low voltage and overvoltage protection. Effectively protect the battery and controller, prolong service life.

* Adjustable controller input power limit. It can avoid the battery output current is too big so that damages battery and circuit, effectively protect battery and safety of the circuit.

* With new design of power structure and SMD process. Make high reliability and electromagnetic compatibility.

* Large current adopts aluminum column outlet method; control wiring uses press-type of connection. Make connection more convenient, reliable and safe.

* Reverse speed limit. The speed is reduced when vehicle back up for security.


Motor Control Circuit Diagram

 Brushless DC Motor Drive wiring diagram

Test With motor

brushless dc motor drive test platform



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1-50KW at different voltage and speed can be customised following our RD process.


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